6 reasons your messaging app should be enterprise grade

Everywhere you look today, people are texting to communicate with each other quickly and cheaply. Instead of sending an email that gets lost in spam – or looking up a phone number to call, dialing, then leaving a message – a text message is quick, cheap and easy.

However, is using something like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Snapchat a professional way for you and your work colleagues to communicate and collaborate on work issues? If you think about the security issues alone, I’m sure you’ll agree those aren’t ideal tools for what could be company sensitive data and conversations.

On October 19, the Constellation ShortList™  was released enumerating the companies you should consider for software based group messaging. One of the solutions that made the Enterprise Group Messaging – Unified Communication shortlist was Alcatel-Lucent RainbowTM.


So, why should your messaging app be enterprise grade?

  1. Security!

Do you use personal email accounts for work? Probably not. So why would you use your personal messaging apps to discuss your work projects? Hosts of these other messaging apps constantly change their privacy policy, sometimes even allowing others access to gathered data. How secure do you think your information is when you use a public, consumer app? Let me answer that for you. Not at all. For the best security, you should be using an enterprise grade communications app.

      2. Desktop and mobile use

Consumer messaging apps, like WhatsApp, are very convenient for mobile communications, but not all business contacts are mobile – such as call center agents or support – nor do they freely share their cell phone number. A business needs a messaging app that works across desktops and smart-phones with email as the identifier.

      3. Administration

Consumer apps have no corporate admin portals to ensure easy roll-out and user management for monitoring use, company-wide policies, data backup, etc. A business has no visibility on what their employees are sharing via consumer messaging apps, but a hacker could easily see it. An enterprise-grade app provides admin portals to monitor use and provide a way to backup data.

       4. Support

Support is CRITICAL to your business. If something doesn’t work and it’s not supported, who are you going to call?

Only an enterprise-grade app offers monitoring, support, SLAs, and dedicated personnel for these functions.

        5. Telephony and corporate directories

Corporate directories constantly change as employees join or leave. The best way to keep up to date is to allow integration between the messaging app and the corporate directory, something not possible with a consumer app. Nor do they allow integration with your work desk-phone.

An enterprise grade app, like Rainbow, enables you to have other information such as desk-phone presence (available, in use) to be reported to the app, showing whether a colleague is available. Integration with the phone system also enables click-to-call from the app using their desktop phone. In brief, an enterprise-grade app not only allows you to text, call, video, share, but also monitor the phone.

        6. Integration with corporate tools

Again, a consumer product just isn’t able to integrate with your existing IT assets, which is an important factor in your end-to-end productivity.

So, now what? You can see that consumer apps don’t deliver when it comes to critical aspects of using them for business. Do you need to spend a lot of money? Do you have to purchase a whole new network and support to be able to access and use an enterprise grade messaging app?


You don’t have to do a forklift upgrade for this. In fact, you have access to a freemium product – Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow.

What is Rainbow?

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a cloud-based, enterprise grade, Communication platform (cPaaS) that connects people and systems. It creates an integrated and innovative cloud-based collaborative workspace for business users and their contacts.

The tools it offers include contact management, presence, persistent messaging, audio/video, screen sharing, and file sharing. It’s available on desktops as well as smart-phones. Register today for access to and use of  Rainbow, free of charge at www.openrainbow.com

In the near future, Rainbow will also connect objects (IoT).

What do you have to lose?

Why don’t you try out Rainbow today and see why it made the Constellation Shortlist! Or contact us for more details today.

The Constellation Shortlist

Constellation evaluated more than 10 solutions categorized in this market. The Constellation ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

Constellation considered many criteria when forming the list including admin controls, chat/voice/video options, access, freemium vs. premium features, native storage, management, search capabilities and security.

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