Cool demos at this year’s HITEC that you can actually use! (part. II)

Previously, I talked about the cool things happening on the guest side of the hotel and travel experience. There's also lots of exciting things happening in operations, as well as the front and back of the house! Here's a quick view of these, and don’t miss seeing more at our booth #645 at HITEC! You can also book a demo tour in advance!

  • Shortened seasonal employees onboarding time

Gone are the days of spending half a day configuring communications tools and access for a seasonal employee who is only going to be with your team for three days. Now, the IP Desktop Softphone has an "easy-as-hello" onboarding option that lets you assign mobile applications for your temporary hires’ mobile phones - 2 minutes and 30 seconds and you’re in business!

  • Improved efficiency with employee apps on one device

Yes, BYOD can go hotel-wide, from guests, to staff, to managers. A simple mobile app (the IP Desktop Softphone) creates a phone extension on any employee smart phone. No need for them to carry one device to call the front desk, another to check tasks in the property management system, and yet a third for their personal communications!

  • Personalized mobile experience, in all shapes and colors

Are you a mobile phone aficionado? Or perhaps a DECT fan? A supporter of wireless handsets? Or maybe you have security teams that need sturdy handsets? Or you need handsets with large screens so that administrative staff can clearly see the guest name or room number that is calling? We’ve got them all. Any color you like!

  • Simplified welcome messages process, the easy way

Remember the days when you had to ask an engineer, or hire someone to configure voice messages via the Audio Station. Well those days are gone! The Visual Auto-Attendant lets any authorized member of the staff quickly adapt guest welcome messages.

  • Greater flexibility with cross-device session shift

A call comes in to a manager or team member’s deskphone. It turns out it’s actually a private call. With  near-field-communications (NFC) the employees can easily shift the call to a mobile device and move to a more suitable location without interrupting the call. You will love this demo!

  • Improved safety with emergency management

Guest and employee safety are top of our agenda again this year, with complete solutions featuring notification to all hotel devices in real-time, and conference calls and routing to the nearest Public Safety Answering points. Come play with the web interfaces, and see how easy it is to configure visual alarms and notifications scripts!


We hope to see you at HITEC, booth 645 and tell them Cristina sent you!


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