Excellence in Networks Services

The saying goes, there is no substitute for hard work. And it was last week that we at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise found our hard work paid off. We received a prestigious industry award from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) - The Certified Support Staff Excellence Center for Networks.


Focus on customer satisfaction

Over the past two years, we made significant changes in our support delivery model with the focus and objective to increase Customer Satisfaction.  As part of this process we implemented new, more aggressive SLAs, and we launched the Technical Knowledge Center to enhance our Partners’ online support experience, and we extended our offer with the End-Customer Network Support option.


This award comes at a time when our business has become an independent company and validates our dedicated focus and efforts to integrate customer handling into the way we support customers. It also  confirms that our processes are in line with industry best practices. It’s always good to be recognized for doing the right thing, and we’re proud about this and eager to continue demonstrating this in the future.


Development & Improvement

This recognition came after a rigorous review of our organization’s soft skill capabilities and several performance indicators. Our Network experts around the globe (located in Calabasas, Colombes, Singapore and India support centers) followed a powerful staff development program focused on soft skills enhancement. In the end, all were certified. The second step was the monitoring of several measurable indicators linked to the quality of delivered service over a period of three months. The results demonstrated the following improvements:

  • Improved response time
  • Decreased the number of escalations per customer
  • Maintained Customer satisfaction
  • Proved commitment on delivered support Service Level Agreements


What does this mean for our Partners and Customers?

Looking beyond the technical industry terms above, the recognition simply means a better support experience. Because we care about our Partners’ and Customers’ experience, offering them one which is authentic and human is essential for us. Even on a highly technical market like ours, technical expertise is not enough to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experts already had deep solution and technology know-how via certifications, but we consider the human part as equally important. We will always strive to give not only the right answer at the right time, but also the right way. What we learned during this program is that the way we deliver the message is as important as the message itself.

For us, it was important to know we were on the right track as customer satisfaction is not just a concept. After all this hard work, we will strive to make sure we remain focused on this satisfaction every single day. This certification is only the first in a series we aim for, because service excellence is a continuous effort in which we have taken a first, and important step.

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