HITEC sneak peek: travel is getting even cooler!

I’ve always thought travel was cool, for both fun and work. But traveltech has made it even nicer, surprising me every single time, simplifying my life with new services! At the upcoming HITEC event in New Orleans, Louisiana - a very nice place to visit - you are sure to see some VERY cool capabilities that help make the guest experience over the top!

Our company, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will be there with lots of demos you can play with! Stop by our booth #645 to see some of the coolest applications and services in the hospitality industry. You can even book a demo tour in advance!

Here's a peek at the hot new offerings:

  • Music streaming over WiFi from guest devices to room devices

How cool is that? Tell your guests to leave their speakers at home, they won’t be needing them! Imagine, your guest walks into their hotel room. They’re ready to relax and want to listen to some of their favorite music, but they want a better quality sound system than what’s available on their mobile device. Fortunately, the Smart DeskPhone that you just installed, has audio wideband. They can just wirelessly connect their smart phone with the Smart Deskphone and sit back and enjoy the music.

  • Video hotel tours

Now that your guest is comfortably settled into their room, listening to their favorite music, they certainly want to know more about your hotel amenities. They look around and – SURPRISE –  there are no brochures! Instead, video tours of your spa, pool, restaurant, evening entertainment, lounges, bars, and fitness center are all available on their room phone set. With a word of welcome from each of the area managers, you can offer a dynamic and attractive alternative to the old fashioned, often out of date, brochure.

  • Push notifications on guest devices & gaming apps 

While your guest is viewing the restaurant video, a screen pops-up offering welcome vouchers for the restaurant, spa and fitness center. The same pop-up is delivered to the mobile application. The guest can call the service directly or wait until later. A promotional welcome paper package in each room is no longer necessary. Green and digital are the new black. If you have a casino in your hotel, a gaming app can be added to the room phone for your guests.

  • Mobile hotel app with personal guest directory & more

The Mobile Guest Softphone has got brand new features that allows hotel guests to add their contacts to the hotel directory. No more impossible numbers or room numbers to remember and dial. With one click they can call their mom, dad, best friend, colleague or manager – from their personal mobile device –  for free, using the hotel wireless network, or any other wireless network, just as they would any contact from their mobile phone.

  • Guestroom security: door cam integration

Room phones can now have integrated door cams. No need for your guest to get up open the door. They can see directly on the room phone who is at the door and grant them access!


Now that you're up to speed, don't miss out on seeing the coolest demos at HITEC booth 645! Tell them Cristina sent you! 

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