I don’t deserve this award, but I also have diabetes and I don’t deserve that either

Hello Internet (and prospective interns)! I’d say that 98% of you don’t know me from Adam, but would you be more interested if I told you that I just won an award? How many other blogs are you reading that can say that?!! You just stumbled upon words on a page written by the University of Ottawa’s honourable mention recipient for the Co-Op Employer of the Year!!! The criteria for judging was that I was nominated by a co-op student and then judged by a selection committee on the quality of mentorship during the work term and the quality of the work experience. Impressive, no?  (Note: I’d like to go on record that I believe I would have taken home the gold medal if the Soviet judge had not deducted two-tenths of a point for a bobbled dismount on the pommel horse…)


I’d like to say that this award has changed my life in a truly significant way with a large pay increase, a brand new pony and power over all that I survey, but I’d rather not start our internet relationship based on a lie. The fact is that while recognition is nice, I don’t deserve this award. Mentoring our co-op students/interns and providing them with opportunities to succeed is part of my job. I simply present them with projects that can challenge their creative skill (brainstorming, concept development, headline and script writing, and design work), their technical know how (video editing, image retouching) and administrative acumen (creative brief creation, project management, collaboration with global clientele)… they are the ones who answer the challenge and collaborate each and every time with fantastic results that solve the problem at hand. These co-op students are actually the ones that deserve this award. Unlike other companies/departments, they are not viewed as student interns, but as valued team members. The responsibilities that they are given and the output of their work reflect this fact.


The real award is that every one of my interns has (so far) chosen to come back and work with me a second term, even though they could easily succeed at any number of other co-op jobs. I hope that I help them in some small way to prepare for what lies beyond graduation. This award does provides me with some street cred and shows we have a pretty good team and work environment here (which I am not above exploiting)…so…if you are a marketing/design/video student looking for an internship opportunity that creatively challenges you beyond traditional filing and data entry and want a shot at creating material that tells a story/makes a difference, please think about coming to work with me.

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