Looking forward to Enterprise Connect at 25

One of my colleagues asked me this week what I was most looking forward to about attending this year’s Enterprise Connect event. When I went to put it down on paper (ok, in an email), I realized it was how technology is creating a personalized connected experience for all of us. We’re living in exciting times for technology and Enterprise Connect, celebrating its 25th year, is still a great focal point for this momentum. So, here’s why I’m excited to be attending this year’s event…


The Deskphone Dialogue

The demise of the deskphone is exaggerated, but there’s still debate on the merits of investing in deskphones.  I’ll be sitting on a panel, Deskphones: Going, Going, But Never Gone? at the upcoming Enterprise Connect (#EC15) event in Orlando, Florida.  Along with my industry peers we’ll share data and insights into the use cases and business value of various deskphone deployments.  And with the latest breed of deskphones offering visual collaboration and video,  there’s sure to be good debate amongst the panel on the pros and cons of such a device, its use and potential success in the business environment.


A Deep Dive Into Communications Platforms

Deskphones keep evolving, but so do the underlying communications platforms.  Which platform is right for your business?  Should you host your communications system on-premise or via the cloud?  What’s the latest news in this space?  Once again, I’ll be part of a panel at #EC15, UC RFP and Review: Enterprise Communications Platform - Premise vs. Cloud-Based that can help you prepare to evaluate the solution best tailored to your needs.


Customer Success

Enterprise Connect 2015

Beyond the devices and platforms, businesses deploy technology with goals of a tangible outcome.  I’m looking forward to hearing Nick Zepp, Network System Manager, State College Area School District.  He’s a panelist in Integrating Communications with Business Apps: Case Studies.  He’ll be talking about the ROI of Communications-Enabled Business Process (CEBP) projects and the building blocks you need if you’re going to achieve it.

When I was asked to share what I was looking forward to at this year’s Enterprise Connect event, I realized it wasn’t just the knowledge exchange and opportunity to catch up with colleagues from a range of businesses in the industry, it was realizing that I’d  been involved in attending this event for 12 of its 25 years! From the days of VoiceCon  I have appreciated the opportunity this forum offers. No doubt, you do too.

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