Nothing to hide for Engagement Tour participants

From May 18 – 21 we opened our doors to a select group of global networking customers and prospects. They all had a reason to come and get to know new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business and it’s solutions better.  

It’s no surprise that we wanted to get to know them better too. And like in all good relationships, we had nothing to hide from them. So our executives and experts told them about roadmaps and future development of our networking product line; we opened the doors of our test lab to show them how we assure the quality of our products. As a non-technical person I must say that it’s quite amusing to see a group of adults getting excited on a tour of cables and racks full of noisy switches. But as one of the participants stated it: “The visit to your labs and the exposure to the Test & Validation platform was a key moment in this journey…I could witness from my own eyes the thoroughness of your qualification process: this is how confidence is built.”

More important than what we had to say is what our customers actually said about us. This is why we had two customers deliver presentations to the visiting group. The Intelligent Fabric, recently awarded as “Best of Interop,” is deployed at IDC Frontier in Japan and their technical management came to explain why they did it and what benefits they get from it. Also Gary Horn from Advocate Health Care explained in detail how their networks benefit from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology.


Do you want to be part of the next edition of this VIP event? Get in touch with your ALE contact person.


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