The Q3 analyst results are in!

With your help, we’ve done it again! The Q3 industry numbers are in – and I’m pleased to share that this last quarter – Q3 – is in fact the third quarter in a row, year-over-year, that we’ve outperformed the competition in LAN, WLAN and Data Center switching markets and continue to gain market share. This information comes from industry analysts at Infonetics Research, Dell’Oro and Crehan Research.

Like you, a growing number of companies are benefiting from our innovative, flexible, cost-effective solutions that address their current network needs along with room to grow – without having to do a forklift replacement.

For example, in the Infonetics Research report, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s managed Ethernet LAN switching revenue, represented by the OmniSwitch portfolio, outperformed the market for three consecutive quarters with Q3 year-over-year revenue growth of 10.4% compared to 7.0% for the market overall.

Similarly, according to Dell’Oro, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s OmniAccess WLAN revenue outperformed the market with an 18.5% year-over-year increase in Q3’13 compared to only 14.2% for the overall market.

What is even more impressive is our performance in the Data Center Switching market. According to Crehan Research, our award-winning Mesh architecture has been the fastest growing Data Center switching vendor for three straight quarters – growing significantly faster than all of the traditional Data Center switching vendors. In Q3 2013, our revenue grew 49% year-over-year compared to a market growth of 11%.

I know that the reasons why customers select us and our solutions may vary greatly from one to the next, depending on their needs and goals. However, regardless of their industry, they all look to benefit from our innovation, our quality and our wide set of solutions designed to improve their users’ experiences, without the complexity many network managers have come to expect.

Our customers realize that we’re in this together, for the long haul. We have many exciting projects on the horizon that promise to deliver even better solutions in 2014. We look forward to working with you on whatever project you have coming up, whether it is BYOD, unified access, or a data center transformation.

To see more details about the results, please read our media alert.

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