A “Vendor’s eye view” of the ACUTA Annual Conference and why you should go next year!

Fun fact, ACUTA was formed in 1971 by universities who believed that likeminded College telecommunication staff should be able to share ideas, experiences and deal with the challenges of running ICT through an association not for profit but for advancement.  Coincidentally I was born in 1971, so it is fitting that at this year’s ACUTA annual conference in San Diego, I decided to take my special VLOG camera to document the reasons why this is a great association.  The main purpose was to give everyone a “vendor’s eye” view of what goes into the conference, the people who attend the conference, and a taste of why ACUTA is the best University/College collaborative organization in North America. 


It was also a special conference for me personally as I received the Jeri Semer Volunteer Recognition Award for my efforts in bringing more awareness to the great things ACUTA offers to the IT professionals across the Higher Education world.  I also took part in two education sessions supporting speakers from Point Park University & Abilene Christian University.  On top of these ALE is a corporate sponsor and we had a booth in the exhibition hall, so were able to grab a chat with a number of ACUTA board members. 


This VLOG will hopefully give you a taste of the value of this event, from educational purposes, networking and interaction between Vendors and Colleges.  It should also give you a sneak peek at the unique environment ACUTA has created “for colleges run by colleges”.  If nothing else, it will help justify signing up for future events!


Author Credits:   Neal Tilley, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, ACUTA

Thanks to Bulent Taskan (Level 3), Adrienne Esposito, Arthur Brant, Jerry Krawczyk, , Sheard Goodwin, Michele Morrison, Amy Burton, ACUTA 2015 Award winners

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