What a difference a day made

There’s a great jazz song made famous by Tony Bennett and Dinah Washington about what a difference 24 little hours can make in your life. October 1, 2014 is one of those days for me.

Overnight, I went from being an employee in an extra-large public corporation – Alcatel-Lucent – to an employee of a mid-sized, privately held company – Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The past few weeks have been electrifying at work as our efforts take us late into the night getting ready for this day. I’m not the only one who feels the excitement created by an opportunity to become more like a spirited startup instead of being part of a cumbersome structure.

Yes, we’re still a French company and are based near Paris. However, now we have a chance to control our own destiny. When I released my first book “Make It Personal” early last year, I couldn’t have known that its title would be so timely today: It’s the moment for each of us to “Make It Personal,” to decide what we want to be in the future, and everyone’s contribution will count. Personally, I know what to do.

And because we were bought by private investors willing to help us grow, we also have the means to reach our full potential with investments in research and development, as well as acquiring other assets to round out the solutions we offer our customers and partners.

Better business outcomes

With this change, we can now focus on helping you, our customers and partners, benefit from our innovative communications and networking technologies. The business outcomes desired, such as reducing operating costs, increasing revenue and minimizing risks are all within reach. For me, this evolution in ownership offers us so many opportunities to truly make a positive difference in your business outcomes. It’s something I look forward to coming into fruition.

Not leaving our valuable partners behind

As much as October 1st was our “birth” date, we are not starting from scratch. All 2700 employees in our division are still with us as well as our 2500+ experienced business partners. And, we’re all still dedicated to working with you to help transform the way your employees and customers communicate.

Tangible benefits to people and businesses

Out of all the excitement I feel here at Alcatel-Lucent, the one underlying current common to all of us is based on knowing our customers are the reason we exist. You are central to our business plans and strategy. We want to be your strategic partner, providing solutions and services that offer tangible benefits to your people and business. And, because we will continue to invest in research and development, we are here to help you.

From my perspective, what a difference a day has made in my life and I believe for the better in our customers and partners’ lives as well. Stay tuned to our website for news on our progress and latest technology!

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